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Best Vegetable Knife-Kasanova

KASANOVA, a long 50 -year story.

The story of KASANOVA was born under another name, the F.lli Fontana srl, in the far 1968 thanks to the great passion for the housewife of the founder, Mrs. Giannina Fontana, who, thanks to her tenacity and commitment, at a difficult time in her life, accepted a great challenge, that of taking up an entrepreneurial activity Rise from a young age.
The company now has more than 350 stores, between direct and affiliates. Theybrands are Kasanova, Kasanova +, Co. Import, The Outlet of Kasalingo, Italian Factory, Kikke and La Casa on the tree, present in a capillary way throughout the Italian territory. Today Kasanovarapresents the first Italian player in the sale of households and articles for the house, with an ever -increasing turnover. Overall, the company has more than 1.700 employees, with an average age of 33 years and a clear prevalence of pink quotas. The headquarters is located in Viale Monterosa in Arcore, where more than 170 people work in the different offices.

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