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Cruiseholidays - The Most Dining Choices at Sea

by:YipFung     2020-07-28
Cruiseholidays.ie - The Most Dining Choices at Sea
Norwegian Epic's wide array of dining choices will wow even essentially the most discerning cruiser with 14 Freestyle Dining restaurants and 18 bars and lounges. Each restaurant features unique and sensational culinary delights from around the world. (For more information check cruiseholidays.ie website!)
Norwegian Epic's dining establishments will include:
Taste: Located in the ship's atrium on Deck 5, Taste's decor blends off-white, free-form plastered walls with European retro-chic mixed with brick details and floor to ceiling velvet curtains. Taste will serve a selection of traditional and contemporary cooking.
The Manhattan Room: Similar to an elegant art deco supper club, The Manhattan Room includes dance floor as its focal point and will offer live music and dancing in the evening. The two-story high restaurant on Deck 6 features floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows looking aft. The cuisine reflects the elegant and romantic nature of the room.
Cafe Jardin & The main reason Outdoors: Cafe Jardin's decor is modeled after a normal English country garden sunroom. This is Norwegian's signature action station casual restaurant where chefs cook fresh, prepared-to-order food as guests watch, featuring seafood, pizza, fruit, soups, pasta, ethnic specialties, burgers and desserts; offering extensive and varied selections. The Cafe the Kid's Cafe with child-friendly seats and tables. At the Great Outdoors, guests appreciate fresh air and a view on the Aqua Park with their meal.
Cagney's Steakhouse & Churrascaria: Norwegian's traditional American steakhouse takes on the new twist with digging in Argentinean churrasco. In accessory for mouth-watering steaks, guests end up being able to sample numerous of skewered meats presented by tableside passadors. Another new addition is a large, situated salad nightclub.
La Cucina: This Tuscan-style eatery provides regional Italian specialties including pizza, pasta and steak, chicken and fish number plates. The traditional Italian decor reflects two distinct areas: a Tuscan farm home also Italian courtyard, where a large olive tree with hanging lanterns may be the centerpiece, exposed to Cafe Jardin above.
Le Bistro: Norwegian's upscale bistro will serve classic French cuisine with an American talent. This elegant dining establishment surrounds guests with contemporary and traditional paintings and sculptures, making guests feel like they were dining inside art museum.
Shanghai's: Technique addition to Norwegian's specialty dining options will serve a delicious mix of Chinese dishes and noodle bar areas of expertise. The decor reflects Old Shanghai in the 1930s and is especially reminiscent from the China Club in Hong Kong. There will be a receptive kitchen preparing traditional Chinese cuisine, noodles, wok fried dishes and dim total.
Wasabi: This expansive sushi and sake bar offers the freshest sushi, sashimi and Japanese Yakitori dishes. Featuring modern decor and clean lines, Wasabi is located outside the Teppanyaki bistro.
Teppanyaki: As the largest Teppanyaki restaurant at sea with 115 seats, this expanded restaurant will feature up to 24 knife-wielding chefs cooking exhibition-style Japanese cuisine on flat top grills. Guests will be amazed by the masterful chefs who demonstrate their skills slicing and dicing while creating an appetizing dish.
O'Sheehan's Neighborhood Bar & Grill: This classic neighborhood sports bar and restaurant will serve American favorites and comfort food and is open 24 hours. The atrium's two-story high screen will visible from inside the restaurant and additional flat screen televisions shows sporting events, while guests enjoy incredibly own activities, including three lanes of bowling, dart boards, pool tables, foosball and arcade events.
The Epic Club and Courtyard Grill: Located high atop the ship their Villas complex, this modern and elegant restaurant is reserved only for Norwegian Epic's suite and villa friends. The decor reflects a private club ambiance with contemporary and modern furnishings, plus large wine display, dotted with glass sculptures and pearl shutters. The Courtyard Grill is extra casual, outdoor area of bistro actually serving Villas guests for breakfast and coffee.
To Be Announced: In addition to the above, work involved . also an additional Norwegian Epic restaurant which will be announced at the next reveal in may.
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