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Easy methods to Make Double Chocolate Covered

by:YipFung     2020-07-25
Searching the web for chocolate covered rice crispy treats ideas? These recipes are eye-poppingly delicious and the techniques make it in order to cover the treats in the cake. What are you all of them for? What's the occasion? Are these party favors, for a get-together, or an individual just salivating for chocolate right at this time? If you answered yes to any for this above then you will find something such as here.
I love double chocolate, don't you? If so then seeing love these chocolate dipped treats covered in mini chocolate chips, drizzled chocolate and chocolate cookie crumbs. And how bouts we we trick these treats out? Let's use all the various chocolates white, milk and dark for your toppings and coatings.
First, we'll using a recipe help to make it the treats so here's the one I use. I favor to make mine from scratch regarding use the ones from the stores. That way I can customize the overal size. If your treats are for a regarding people than can end up making two batches or maybe of this recipe.
Rice Crispy Treats Recipe
-6 cups of Crisped Rice cereal
-1/2 Stick Butter or Margarine
-1 Bag of Marshmallows (preferably Small Marshmallows) 10 oz.
1. Spray baking tray or casserole dish with cooking touch. Set aside. Pour crisped cereal into large mixing container.
2. Melt the butter in the sauce pan over low heat. Spray wooden spoon with cooking spray.
3. Once butter actually starts to melt add the marshmallows and stir immediately. Let marshmallows and butter melt completely until liquified.
4. Remove from heat and pour into the bowl filled up with cereal. Stir with the spoon or spray your fingers while cooking spray and mix by hands.
5. Once completely blended pour in the baking tray or jar. Spray fingers with cooking spray and press into cookie sheet to desired solidity. The depth with the tray or casserole dish will determine the depth of your treats. For thicker treats choose a deeper tray or dish.
6. Spend refrigerator collection faster approximately 15 or so minutes. Once chilled and hardened remove from refrigerator.
7. Remove hardened cereal mixture from tray or dish as well as on a significant cutting board. With sharp large knife (I prefer a chefs knife) cut out squares. Return each treat to baking tray to for chocolate decorating.
Ok, now we need to the fun part- providing! Let's set up our decorating station at first. Here's what we need:
Rice Crispy Treats Decorating Station
-Decorating Saucer. you place one treat at once on it, decorate it then place it aside.
-Baking Tray/Cookie Sheet. place finished treats here.
-2-3 Medium Plastic Sauce Bottles and 4-6 Caps. You will fill these with the melted chocolate and all of these be resources to assist you decorate the treats in the cleaniest, most efficient. Replacing caps with hardened chocolate within openings is easier than cleaning them until you get it. way There is yet. **If you wish for to cover your treats with a variety of chocolate than in the least use one per type and save one extra empy bottle in case you need it.
- 2-3 Wide, Tall Glasses. The sauce bottles go within these. Fill them 1/3 of the way with warm water supply. Warm water must touch the sides of the bottle hold the chocolate melted. Do not USE Hot water or the chocolate could seize (thicken), just hot water.
-Sauce Mug. The glasses and bottles enter here. Fill this 1/3 to 1/2 way with water, put on stove (or portable burner) and warm over a lightweight simmer.
-Bowls for Toppings. one bowl for each topping; mini white chocolate chips, mini dark chocolate chips, mini milk choc chips and the crushed biscuits.
-Plenty of Clean Shower. Paper or cloth, whichever you cherish. Wipe both and good for other clean up.
Melt the Chocolate
Here a great easy way I melt chocolate. Pour one bag of semi-sweet chocolate coating wafers (or whichever kind you are utilising at the moment) into thick, sealable plastic bag used for freezing. Place in microwave nicely 50% power melt for 1 quite a lot of. Chocolate will not be completely melted yet. Remove bag and work with fingers to grind the chocolate. Smash as almost as much as possible then return bag to microwave oven. Melt again on 50% power for a few seconds. Remove and work the chocolate for your fingers. If still not liquid. Repeat last step for half a minute. DO NOT OVERHEAT CHOCOLATE or will probably seize. Get rid of the cap from a bottle and stand it on end on top of the counter or room table. Cut one bottom corner from the bag. Squeeze the chocolate out on the bag into the bottom, much like you would squeeze out toothpaste. Replace cap back onto bottle. Set bottle in one of the glasses with warm water then place bottle into the sauce pan with domestic hot water.
Chocolate Covering Technique for Rice Crispy Treats
I. Chocolate Covered with Chocolate Casino chips. The trick might be to apply the chips chocolate coating is still wet, then allow them both to set (harden) at room warmth. Dipping can be messy so that's why I coat the treats using the sauce sizes. It's much more easily. A few steps will do the whole process easy and also the treats appear great!
1. Sides. This is not for show just as well as then create a 'fence' that will to fill the associated with the chocolate coating. Any sauce bottle and coping with one treat at a time. Create a chocolate border around the perimeters of the top of each treat (we will not coat the edges or bottom) then earmarked on the baking whitening tray. Create borders for everybody treats first before moving to another step. Place bottle to incorporate financing glass with warm filtered water. Let chocolate on treats set for a few minutes.
2. Filling. One treat at a time fill each one with melted chocolate making use of the sauce containers. I find it simpler to begin with the 'close' to the perimeters then work at the center. Do not completely fill. Leave a space in the guts. DO NOT LET CHOCOLATE SET, immediately grab one you will work with by its sides and tap it in the saucer until chocolate fills the empty spaces. Move onto the next step, then return to this step until all the treats are finished. Do contains almost treat inside the time. Which you to adhere chocolate chips to the treat the chocolate coating must be wet.
3. Chocolate chips. Grab some chips in addition to hands and sprinkle to the wet chocolate, once again, one treat at an occasion. Mix and match in the event you would just as in the several types of delicious chocolates. Set treat aside on baking tray. Finish all nibbles. Let chocolate set for several minutes.
II. Crushed Chocolate Party crackers. The method for adding the cookie crumbs to your treats often be the just like the previous process for adding choc chips. There undoubtedly are few techniques I crush the cupcakes. Choose your favorite chocolate cookie sandwich. Dump the rotting matter cream on the middle and eat in which! You won't it need for decorating though. Place the cookies in sealable plastic bags and crush them with your hands. I enjoy to assemble the bag on the cutting board and lightly smash these people with a rubber mallet. You could also use a food processor just don't blend them too fine to dust, may have be chunky. Pour the crumbs into a topping bowl at your station.
Now just follow a similar steps as we did for chocolate fries.
III. Drizzle. Follow the same steps due to the previous methods except instead of creating borders and filling with chocolate create zig-zag lines all over the the surface of the treats. Then let chocolate set. Utilize one type of chocolate or mix different styles.
IV. Reward. Apply all the methods. Have fun. Sprinkle crushed cookies and choc chips. Add drizzle to the chips and cookies. Whichever sytle you prefer.
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