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How about the minimum order value for ODM products?
According to your needs, YangJiang YangDong YipFung Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd. can design and produce the products you want. If you need more information, please leave your message and we will contact you. ODM is the perfect solution for a company to achieve the manufacturing process of a completely customized product. We introduce professional and skilled design and production staff to help the process of ODM. Besides that, from the primary discussion to a finished ODMed top kitchen knife sets , we aim to make each product finest at an affordable price.

Today, YipFung has received much reputation because of its famous knife set. YipFung's kitchen knife series contains multiple sub-products. YipFung cleaver is delicately crafted by our adept professionals by using modern technology. Its weight is well distributed, giving users more control over the product. Rich business experience, strong R&D team, and preferential product prices are examples of our team's strength. Its weight is well distributed, giving users more control over the product.

We incorporate customers service into our running principle. We spare no effort to cater to our customers. We offer VIP treatments for our best customers or specific customers. For example, we are willing to manufacture products or sourced materials that are not our primary business.
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