A factory that cares about product quality of kitchen knife & customer service!

How about YipFung logistics distribution system?
YangJiang YangDong YipFung Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd. has joined hands with several forwarders to reach on-time delivery. In our business, a group is always prepared to arrange the supply. It's in charge of stock management and product loading. When the products are transported, steps are taken to make sure the item completeness. It's of low possibility to discover damaged products.

As a leader in the steak knife industry, YipFung has been developing its own production capacity. YipFung's kitchen knife series contains multiple sub-products. YipFung kitchen knife is manufactured adhering to international industry standards. Processed under professional edge forging, the blade guarantees long-lasting sharpness. In customer service, the key to success for our company is quality- both in our relationships with others and with our product line. The ergonomic handle of the product offers a safe and comfortable grip.

We have a strong commitment to quality and continuous improvement. This commitment extends to all levels of the company. We strive to achieve the highest standards of excellence; do the right things; continuously learn, develop, and improve; and take pride in our work.
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