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Is YipFung priced high?
The price offered by YangJiang YangDong YipFung Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd. is the most favorable for the individual. We have been investing a lot of money in developing technology to improve the quality of YipFung so that each customer can appreciate its high reliability and high quality. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that our price is the cheapest on the market, but we promise to offer you a very favorable price. The cost per unit of goods can be negotiated. The greater the number of orders you invest, the lower the cost we can offer.

YipFung has gained a high reputation and won wide recognition from more customers. YipFung's steak knife series contains multiple sub-products. Due to our enormous understanding and massive knowledge, our team steak knife is designed with various styles popular in the market. It will not leave a metal taste on foods as the metal knives do. The effective inspection of our skilled quality check team ensures the quality of this product. The edges are carefully hand sharpened to achieve ultra-thin slice and maximum resilience.

Protecting the environment is a collective effort embraced by our employees, customers, and suppliers. We focus on improving and innovating ways to service our customers in the most environmentally responsible manner.
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