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Messages in Bottle Inspire Cape Cod Woman Faith

by:YipFung     2020-07-21
PROVINCETOWN - Fate uncorked a doozy last week at the Cape notion. Kimberly 'Jaia' Snyder found three messages in one bottle at the edge of Provincetown Harbor. 'I had the blues,' recalled Snyder. 'And I went in order to the beach to do my usual morning exercise movements.' Something uplifting and translucent was waiting. A bottle stood on part of a lot wall. 'I could see right through the green glass to the message,' said Snyder. 'And Believed maybe it's like a treasure map or some important papers. It could have been anything.' Snyder took the bottle home. A dramatic decanting ensued.
'I got the cork, out and I spent probably 20 minutes working get the message by helping cover their a chopstick and then an oyster knife together with steak knife and this tearing up the paper,' said Snyder. 'So I put it in a paper bag and brought it outside and smashed it with a bag.' Among the shards were three messages, detailing a strange journey powered by the vagaries of the Atlantic. The bottle was first launched from New Harbor, Maine, in September 2009 by two lifelong friends on christmas.
Jean Nicholson, 70, of Crossville, Tenn., said she and her friend Bonnie Ferguson, 65, of Big Rapids, Mich., were inspired by the bucolic setting and the 1999 Kevin Costner movie 'Message in a Bottle,' partly filmed in New Boast. The pair thought he would launch a bottle, with a note that included the lines, 'the ocean lulls us rest - peace is here, for people who go on in. Savor the moments forever.' In December 2009, the bottle was found along Cape Cod Bay in Barnstable. It was handed to Katie Carey, a second-grade teacher at Barnstable-West Barnstable Elementary School, who took it to rank. Talk about teachable moments: Here was an opportunity to learn geography and exercise letter drafting! Students penned notes to Nicholson and Ferguson and received letters back. A fine friendship was organized. 'We were trying to people we didn't know, they as well responded so generously and kindly,' said Carey. 'We're making a complete chain of friends just through this bottle,' Nicholson said.
The students added a communication to the bottle and Carey plunked it straight to the water at Craigville Beach in Centerville. Then something weird happened. Somehow, the bottle spun near the Cape, arriving to rest on Sandy Neck, back along Cape Cod Bay, where it found by Bill and Ann Monroe in August for this year !. According to their note, the Monroes relaunched the now-jam-packed bottle on Labor Day weekend this year. More than a year later, Snyder think it is in Provincetown. 'There's something about it that will only be classically magical - like storybook and exciting,' said Snyder, who said this wounderful woman has been considerably cheered by her glassy adventure. 'I think high quality connection folks love learn there usually ways to connect, irrespective of what.' Snyder has acquired a new bottle, promises to place the 3 messages inside, add to possess a tremendous her own and release it rapidly. 'It's the message that matters,' she said.
By Associated Press
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