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Product Seal

by:YipFung     2020-07-19
Print, who recently been the contractor for that authoritative, stationeries, officer of the scholars, subject, play.Seal, between heart catches on, there is one seal world, it ably painting, calligraphy, engraving art best suited whole, vivid plus more interesting, of primitive simplicity and do not break elegance, let the favor and has vast collectors in either hands.
Tasting party, can say the seal of quality are half view its material, half its work, and was admittedly difficult beg, stone mei-yu seal material though but any one the general, but due to carver is excellent, its value to the product shouldn't be overlooked.Anyway, seal art is actually carving art, carver is.The seal of the words usually have ZhuWenHe needs, one complete sense portion of the seals on the printed text except those, also tend to chop on the medial side or top of stones carved some memorable words, will be what people BianKuan usually said.Whether BianKuan, or seals, all in stroke density is proper, layout clever, sense of balance the strong for top rate.
The seal of carver roughly has two kinds, a form of fine workmanship, superb techniques, whether thin, lifelike means or round, let a person attend first glance is quite vivid, artistically, fun-loving;Another relatively simple, but the traditional cultural influences, although contracted, but does not lose natural atmosphere, possess a kind of plain and the appeal of primitive simplicity.See carver, first to see its printing earnings.One four cent can make its origin miscellaneous, simple to verify if clear plus peerless carver, then its collection value is low.If it is not take money seals, that means to see any incision.
A knife method, namely the seals with
Knife method.Seal cutting knife method also has two kinds: blunt knife method and cut from gongben wuzang.The former engrave a line robust forceful, circle beauty and fluent;The latter carving out the seal, appear more lines crop MAO unsophisticated dignified.Then comes a cutting knife method, and go ahead and take usage of both long and fairly to each present also has an unique stamp-carving from gongben wuzang.Anyhow, see knife method basically see its font whether beautiful fluent, composition, BianKuan and whether rigorous norms whether proper, the collocation of the seals BianKuan carved whether natural fix it.
Seal carving seal engraving except YinNiu outside, it will typically include the figurine.In ancient times, rating system heavily in material, performance compared with jade seal is real, according to JinYin bales of flowing with silver respectively, printing, such as copper signet, height is trenchant, mustn't exceed system.In YinNiu is characterized with YinNiu, royal dragon, with the beast YinNiu flowing, general scholar shape YinNiu, or there fabricated from by comparison of simple but elegant watts Newcastle united, Andrew bogut some others.Collect ancient seals, be sure to look YinNiu, not only to see the carved image, will check out carver YinNiu.
Generally speaking, the beautiful person print a god, wonderful, expanded: can.Seal of the gap of the size, the seals with fangyuan without suspicion, seal cutting PianBang manage without the loss, elegant laziness constraint is the chastened can be printed to product;And euphemistic to appeal, rare in secret, without restriction of Noah to let a space within the gu, do not add carve, next essential printing can be called the nature MiaoPin;If the knife labor weight, between two fitting flexion verve, pen, to god to shape the existence of god without deposit, that can be called on the ShenPin print.XuXuePing
Treasure picture books
In the study, shabby little wooden box containing me two decades inadvertently collected more than five hundred this picture books, leisure and paging through the YiBenBen picture books, that's another fulfilling.
Remember is probably four or five years old, I was when teachers' cuz there first, the picture book YiYeYe wonderful pictures inside immediately attracted me, facing that a lifelike characters, I couldn't put it down.Since then, picture books began an indissoluble bond with me, leave no stone unturned I've found picture books as biggest hobby.
In elementary school, associated with increase of this picture book to read, the story began to can barely read, see picture books desire grew stronger.Whenever the oldsters went to market, provide me back to a single or two this picture books became their goal.In elementary school, I finished watching the hall of the marshes 'journey to the west', 'and the' three kingdoms ', and the war, included in this an involving more from the five this broadsword ji what impresses me especially, the 8th route army soldier waved deep towards the Japanese sword kill image quality is still strongly impressed on my memory.
Primary after graduation, I went to school, contact picture book county greatly increases the prospect.In order to satisfy the desire to determine picture book, I always in has little living your own a few cents client picture story books.At that time, the general picture books is 5 or 6 cents, one of the most expensive is those and television series synchronized picture books.Remember was put 'due to HuoDongGe', in itself, absolutely no way to see later, ran bookstore choose HuoDongGe 'picture books, each this five Angle 1 minute, in the time, it can be incredibly pen.To junior high school graduation, I in accessory for harvest software program textbook material outside, still is three years buying back in succession, the picture book for the 100.In high school, along with increase of picture books, novels weakened gradually, but the interest great picture books, still wouldn't be able to buy back carefully respect.Now on literature that little bit like, Amazingly exciting . with skeptics like watching picture books can't open it up.
With the creation of society, a growing number things into people's collection, picture books is not exceptional also, it is said that some picture books market price has reached several hundred yuan a set, when i that box picture books, being an additional or two collections of words, so also is not make I put it to collect more than 20 years, to my point is picture book to give it back.
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