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Quality Kitchen Tools. Chef Knives; Wenger, Ken

by:YipFung     2020-07-19
Ken Onion Knives:
Feel the power from the first truly ergonomic chef's knife! This Shun Knife by Kershaw is designed by Ken Onion, one from the worlds top knife fashion designers. This patent pending design requires special angled curved bolster and specially shaped handle that fits perfectly all of the hand, releasing all tension in your arm. Providing curve on the blade allows for an easier flowing motion across the cutting board, and the tip allows for easier scooping. Combine all of this whilst sharpest Japanese edge available, and you have excellence. The design of this knife will make you a primary chopomatic in the kitchen area.
Wenger Knives
For more than hundred years Wenger has produced professional butcher knives, kitchen knives, and Genuine Swiss Army Knives. Wenger Grand Maitre flat heel stamped knives are manufactured in Delemont, Switzerland using custom blended European steel manufactured exclusively for Wenger. During the Grand Maitre manufacturing process, the blade is cut via a flat sheet of stainless steel and then ground, tempered, polished and sharpened. This technique results is a knife which isn't flatter and lighter than forged knives, which reduces hand fatigue with long or repetitive use.
Victorinox Knives
Victorinox products are conceived, designed and built to accompany us all through life. Purposeful, reliable, their functional esthetic appeals to our own rational side. But right before conquer our hearts, on the sense that they seem always to deliver easily we expect of these individuals. Whatever your particular selection - from high-quality Victorinox household and professional cutlery to precision Swiss-made timepieces; from our functional apparel and rugged travel gear to our unmistakable fragrances - each Victorinox product embodies the spirit of the legendary Original Swiss Army Weapon. Emerging from Karl Elsener's cutlery workshop in 1891, is still to this day an icon recognized the world over as a symbol of quality, functionality and continuous success.
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