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Spyderco Micro Dyad Knife

by:YipFung     2020-07-18
Spyderco Micro Dyad Knife
I just love this street fighting techniques! Actually, I am a fan of almost all of Spyderco's knives a greener something concerning the Spyderco Micro Dyad Knife that will forever have a special place in your heart, hand, and pocket. The Dyad is a sweet little piece of knife craftmanship and in case you are fortunate to get one of people rare beauties I know you adore it close to I use.
The Micro Dyad will be the only knife Spyderco makes with both a PlainEdge and a SpyderEdge blade together each morning same dagger. It sports a traditional jigged bone handle which houses both a PlainEdge ClipPoint blade and then a Spyder-Edge Sheepfoot blade. Blades open and lock independently and its Clipless.
Yeah it is a micro alright but even so. because of its size it goes everywhere with us. and that always gives me an item of mind realising that I've got at least something to hack and slash with if neccessary. But much more than that, possess a fine utility knife that feels really solid and balanced and it's perfect for people frequent but always unplanned for moments when you just happen to require either new razor cut or went to. The dual blade solves both those needs in a handsome along with intensely comfortable package.
The Micro Dyad's Serrated Edge
A serration is a sharpened recessed curve across the edge of the blade and features more linear cutting surface than a straight edge in comparable thing space. Serrations improve edge retention because the tips initiate the cut easing the amount of force necessary for recessed knives. The points actually protect the sharp inside curves that continue the cut, thus the curves have less wear occasion. The Spyderco signature 'SpyderEdge' is likewise known as a two-step serration that incorporates a repeated pattern of one large plus a small serrations.
Because serrations improve cutting ability the tips of the serrations provide single point penetration possibly the same time center of effort rotates around each serration to infinite regarding cutting angles, increasing the cutting edge length by up to 24% - I really love the Micro Dyad Knife's Serrated edge and I am aware you will too.
The Micro Dyad's Plane Edge
Not a lot to talk about here execept that the plane edge is constituted of durable VG-10 hardend high quality steel and it certainly cuts a nice clean peel. It's also interesting to keep in mind that even an effectively sharpened plain edge will exhibit vertical scratch patterns with 'micro-serrations' that encourage the edge to take efficiently in a similar fashion as the serrated edge but of course on a far smaller 'micro' scale.
MFG: Spyderco
Model SP112P&S Micro Dyad
Closed: 2-1/2' 63mm
Overall With one blade opened: 4-7/16' 113mm
Blade ClipPoint: 1-31/32' 50mm Clipoint: 1-31/32' 50mm
Edge SheepFoot: 1-3/4' 44mm Clipoint: 1-11/16' 43mm
Blade Steel: VG-10
Weight: 1-5/8oz 47g
Important Info
2005 saw Spyderco arrive at a milestone, topping a hundred different models in their company's creation. Many of the early model knives aren't manufactured, but that doesn't stop knife enthusiasts and collectors from asking, 'please make them again?' Such is the case with the Spyderco Micro Dyad Knife and gives Spyderco reason to produce Sprint Runs. Sprints are limited to 1500 pieces or less. They're re-released production runs of a revitalized older models. Once a Sprint Run sells out it aren't offered again to maintain uniqueness.For more information on the Spyderco Micro Dyad Knife go to www.SpydercoMicroDyadKnife.com
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