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The Masaai Age-set

by:YipFung     2020-07-17
This is the central unit of governance in the Masaai community. It starts once a child arrives. Once born, the child after 3 months is named. Immediately after birth, a child isn't fully accepted into the community because iof the high infant mortality rate. If it's a boy, from an early age, it starts caring for goats and calve. A lot of the life of a boy is spent playing for some other boys. A boy child was highly regarded than a girl child in the neighborhood. The girl child was taught the best way to help its mother at home with cooking, cleaning fetching water and firewood, milking and building the shelters they lived in.
Once they boy child got to the ages of around 13 to 25 depending on the last initiation ceremony, they were circumcised. The circumcision ceremony was a very painful experience that involved cutting the foreskin of the penis with a very sharp knife. Make shift bandages made from cow hide would be used avoid excessive bleeding. No anesthetic was used in the method. The boy was supposed to stay firm and not show ant sign of fear or pain during might. If he did show fear or pain, this was a disgrace to his kin.
After the initiation, the boys would be taken to a manyatta build by there mothers but had no security wall around the game. This was to emphasize on there role as the village suppressors. Now they have become junior morans. The healing process takes two to three months. During this serious amounts of for the next eight months, they only wear black clothes. During the other initiation process, these junior morans become junior elders and proceed on to be a senior elders.
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