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by:YipFung     2020-07-17
Dick Martz, superintendent of Danville schools, said it's his understanding that laser pointers could cause retinal damage. For that reason, the district has banned the pointers in its schools.
'We had an instances,' Martz asked. 'Then we sat the people down at the college and middle school and said they weren't allowed.'
Pointers that make their way into school are confiscated and then payed to parents, Martz said.
Ivan Shibley, Central Columbia's superintendent, said students in his district have already been told pointers aren't allowed in course.
So far, kids have listened.
'We've probably collected two at the most,' Shibley understood. 'We know other school districts in other parts of hawaii have had problems, but we've been very fortunate.'
Consider Benton another fortunate district. At last count, superintendent Ronald Garrison knew 1 laser pointer which were confiscated.
'Last year, the high school principal confiscated one at a basketball game,' Garrison said. 'Outside sports, we've had no problems.'
It's the same story in the Bloomsburg school local. Superintendent Alex Dubil said 'a few' students there have broughtlaser pointer to school, but 'teachers and principals simply confiscate them.'
'Laser pointers are toys that serve no useful purpose in school or on buses,' Dubil said. 'Teachers find them annoying.'
Well, maybe not all teachers. Arcus said he's had several teachers in the Bloomsburg and Southern Columbia school districts buy pointers component of his store.
'In addition to that, a couple ministers came and bought them,' he added.
There's been a few adults getting the pointers at the Coastal Mart too, but cashier Judy Chilcote suspects they turn around offer them to their kids.
Chilcote, who's worked at the Coastal Mart for a good year, said the pointers are just one of the more popular items she's seen at the shop.
'We had people seeking them before we even had them,' she claimed. 'We've had them for throughout regards to month instantly. We're on either our second or third box and every one box holds about 27.'
Coastal had the pointers on display and signs outside advertising them, but kids were taking the pointers, Chilcote exclaimed. Now they're stored behind the counter, simply no advertisements out front.
At Arcus Brothers, on the other hand, a truck parked outside your building advertised the pointers for several weeks. Another sign surrounding the building's facade proclaims, 'LASER POINTERS.'
And Arcus is quick to defend the store's decision to stock and promote the pointers.
'We are merchants we all sell what people want,' he stated. 'What we do is 100 percent legal. Nothing at all is wrong with (laser pointers).'
Arcus admits, though, he or she can't confident people probably will use their pointers for educational purposes just when he told the.
But don't blame him if individuals are making mischief with the pointers.
'If Sears sells you with a knife so you can cut your steak may go out and murder your boyfriend with that knife, you're the criminal, not Sears, right?' he said.
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