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Times Private Treaties Invests in Swiss Knife India

by:YipFung     2020-07-16
Times Private Treaties has signed a deal with Victorinox India (Pvt) Ltd., the Indian Subsidiary of Victorinox, Switzerland, the sole manufacturer of the world renowned Swiss Army knives. Victorinox India (Pvt) Ltd offers functional and practical great products in the lifestyle space.
Their mission is to offer practical, functional, reasonably priced and top-quality products which gives our lives deeper meaning and makes our work payday loans no fax pleasurable and satisfying. Victorinox India plans to focus more on branding and distribution in the country. At present they have presence in 5 segments, Pocket Knives, Kitchen Knives, Wrist Watches, Travel Gear and Fragrances.
Victorinox, Pocket and Kitchen knives incorporate more than a century of tradition and experience. The skill of Victorinox is based on achieving an optimum combination of function and design. A lifetime old heritage is extended to Swiss Army Watches, which reflect the ingenious design and outstanding durability Victorinox is now to stand in the the years.
For the perfumes from Victorinox,the fragrance designers have captured the essence of Switzerland and the individuality of the Swiss mountain landscape. These scents caress your senses with unique Swiss fragrance compositions and lend that you a strong note of expressiveness. Victorinox's array of luggage, travel gear, laptop bags and trolley cases live up to the world-wide reputation for quality and originality.
Victorinox is also in exploratory discussions with several organized retail outlets collection up shop-in-shops besides scaling its existing distribution set . Victorinox products are available in over 600 multi-brand outlets and shop-in-shops.
The Times Private Treaties innovative model is based on providing brand building and advertising the possibility to help companies create their brand and unlock appraisal. This model enables companies to advertise in BCCL vehicles. It doesn't helps the to attract many period advertisers to BCCL's advertiser base.
Source: Just Invested
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