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Top Rated Kitchen Knives-Rossmann

ROSSMANN is Germany's second largest daily necessities supermarket chain, and also one of the top ten sales of daily necessities in Germany. In 1972, Mr. Dirk Romann founded the first self-selected supermarket for daily necessities in central Hanover and named it after their family name. This is the first chain store of daily necessities in Germany. Therefore, the founder, Mr. Dirk Romann, is also known as the "father of the daily chemical supermarket chain".

ROSSMANN is well known in Germany. By 2016, ROSSMANN has 2073 stores in Germany, with more than 17,000 products sold. On average, 1.7 million people visit ROSSMANN's chains every day to buy all kinds of products. By 2016, more than 50,000 employees of ROSSMANN had achieved 8.4 billion euros in sales worldwide and continued to grow steadily at a high annual growth rate of 6.3%.

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