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What companies are producing sharp kitchen knives ?
Many firms are involved in manufacturing sharp kitchen knives . YangJiang YangDong YipFung Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd. is just one of these. After years of evolution, we're now able of substantial quantity production. Advanced technology and dependable raw materials are employed in the manufacturing. An entire service system has been constructed, to strongly support the earnings.

YipFung successfully grasps the trends to use advanced technology to produce steak knife. YipFung's steak knife series contains multiple sub-products. YipFung kitchen knife is provided in varied design styles. Treated with non-stick coating, it helps prevent the food from sticking to the blade. The product is examined by undergoing detailed tests to guarantee quality and functionality. The product has the advantage of excellent anti-impact performance.

Protecting the environment is a collective effort embraced by our employees, customers, and suppliers. We focus on improving and innovating ways to service our customers in the most environmentally responsible manner.
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